Technical construction

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NIIFI has a versatile infrastructure for provide european level services to education, research and collections.

Physical infrastructure

NIIFI renting with IRU agreement dark fibres form several providers. Large part of the dark fibre is provided by MVM NET.

NIIF has two data centres in Budapest and Debrecen. Both datacenter  has redundant electrical power source, with backup generators, uninterrupted power supplies with redundancy, redundant cooling systems, fire detection and extinguishing system,  physical protection, access control system and video monitoring.

Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure of NIIFI is the core for all services provided by NIIFI. It comprises high-speed and redundant connections between PoPs. At PoPs, which are located at the Universities, powerful communications equipment (DWDM, switches, routers, VoiP gateways, etc) and servers are installed, together with devices ensuring a suitable source of power and climate conditions for uninterrupted operation. This is complemented with OOB management system

Backbone network

NIIFI provides a powerful resilient backbone network infrastructure, based on 10/40/100 DWDM and 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology. Network PoPs (Point-of-Presence) are located at the major Hungarian towns, where universities are present.

This Hybrid network allow several services:

  • Point-to-point connections: intended for demanding projects and connecting redundant computer centres. Connection capacity: 10-100 Gbps
  • IP-connectivity: the service is based on routers. It supports IPv4 and IPv6, unicast and multicast .
  • VPN services: intender for projects for stringent privacy or connectivity demands. Connection capacity: 100Mbps-10Gbps

Above network services are not restricted geographically to Hungary. Connections to the GéANT European education and research network provide connections within Europe and to other continents.

All above service are monitored and operated together with regional centres to ensures that all services operate reliably and able to fulfil the most  demanding requests of researchers.


International connections for the NIIFI network are enabled by the GéANT network. The current connection speed is 30 Gbps.

The GéANT network connects education and research networks in 34 European countries, and is connected to similar networks in other regions and continents.

As well as the research connectivity GéANT also connects NRENs to large IXs (AMS-IX, DEC-IX, LINX etc.), and large content providers (Google, Limelight, Microsoft etc.) The NIIF Institution supplements this with the BIX connection and private peering towards the most important inland service providers.

Server infrastructure

NIIFI has redundant, and extensive infrastructure in both of its datacenter. These servers maintained, and monitored professionally. On the servers with layer of virtualisation NIIFI is providing various services

Multimedia infrastructure

NIIFI is providing IP based videoconferencing in Hungary for research, education and collections since 2003. The current videoconferencing infrastructure was gradually developed to  count about 180 room system from there are about 60 is HD capable. This system was complemented with desktop/web conferencing system with interoperability with room systems. For serving the multiparty videoconferencing NIIFI videoconference systems has MCU and recording/archiving systems.

For the recorded videos and lectures NIIFI is providing repository called videotorioum, which can be used for educational purpose also.

Integral part of multimedia services NIIFI is providing VoIP services for their constituency. NIIFI is helping them interfacing their legacy PBXs to VoIP systems of NIIFI with VoIP gateways.

HPC infrastructure

NIIFI is operating several supercomputer for helping simulation intensive research.