Our institute has the capabilities to offer live video broadcasting of events via the internet. The main profile of the service is to use a multi-camera studio-quality video system, along with Videotorium’s streaming infrastructure in order to record, broadcast and archive events. Since many partners with own video equipment asked us to, recently we made available for anyone to use Videotorium as a streaming resource.
Our streaming activites constist of the following items:
  • recording and streaming using multiple cameras in 4 parallel locations
  • live sound mixing on events
  • online streaming in different quality versions
  • post-processing in our own studio
  • archiving, publishing on Videotorium
Videotorium offers more than a regular video sharing portal: it can be used for creating and distributing live streams, and it has the ability to simultaneously display both the presenter (speaker) and the presentation slides. We pay extra attention for maintaining the scientific, educational nature of the site, so user requests for creating and distributing live streams are moderated first.