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Under the new government regulation [5/2011 (II. 3.)] that has been modified multiple times the NIIF Institute provides internet  and internet based  multi-level services  to the following institutions:

  • educational
  • scientific research
  • public collection

Similarly to other countries’ research networks, the NIIF Institute’s network, with HBONE as its backbone, is essentially an integral part of the European research network GéANT. 

According to data from May 2015:

  • Among the educational institutions: 130 higher education sites (universities, colleges) and 4500 public education sites (elementary schools,  vocational schools, high schools) are connected to the HBONE.
  • Among the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ and other non-profit scientific research institutions: 49 academic sites and 70 national research sites.
  • Among the public collections: 492 libraries and library sites, 24 archives and 51 museums are members of the research network.

Furthermore, another 62 non-profit institutions, associations and foundations are part of the research network, all of whom relate to educational, research and public collection activities.

If we take the number of employees, or in the case of educational institutions, the number of instructors and students, we can say that the NIIF Institute provides internet and internet based higher level services to approximately 2.5 million users.