Multimedia and collaboration

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NIIF Institute has been providing collaboration and multimedia services for more than a decade. These services are based on our high-speed redundant core network infrastructure. Our main goal is to make domestic and international cooperative work easier and more effective for our users.
Main collaboration services are:
  • Voice over IP: our VoIP network is connected to the institute’s PBX. Voice traffic is transmitted to connected member institutions over the HBONE or to any PLMN/PSTN endpoints via telco partners.
  • Videoconference:  we have installed (hardware based) videoconferencing endpoints in most of our higher education and research member institutions. With several other videoconferencing equipment (these are owned by our members) on our network  we are operating the biggest videoconference service in the country. As a part of the service, we provide videoconferencing system for desktop and mobile environment. This allows users to make videoconference sessions in a more personal way, using their own equipment (laptops, desktop PCs, handheld devices). Moreover, we developed several features to make videoconferencing more comfortable and versatile (virtual meeting room reservation system, videoconference streaming recording, etc.).
  • Videotorium: self-developed rich media repository and video sharing portal.The service - which is a succession of the so called “Video on Demand” (VoD) video archive of NIIF -, provides a condign place for the repository with constantly increasing size, and the possibility of uploading and sharing of multimedia content for the community of the country’s research and education network. Videotorium allows the users to create and distribute live streaming of events, archiving and sharing (video-on-demand) media content for educational, cultural, research and other non-profit purposes. It holds a strong metadata-handling and thematical catalouge algorithm.
  • Streaming:  this service is closely related to Videotorium. Our streaming solution and the used (studio-quality) equipment allows live streaming of events, up to 4 live feeds simoultanously.
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