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NIIFI, the National Information Infrastructure Development Institute, is the Hungarian NREN (National Research and Education Network) organisation. NIIFI is responsible for developing and operating the Hungarian e-Infrastructure for science, education and other institutions involved in research or education. This e-Infrastructure is based on the academic and research network and its services, and comprises such components of the e-Infrastructure as:

  • supercomputing facilities,
  • grid and cloud applications,
  • multimedia communication services,
  • digital repositories/archives,
  • collaboration tools, etc.

The user community covers some 2 million users in about 5000 institutions. Top-down hierarchy in the relation of NIIFI to the NIIF member institutions is combined with bottom-up hierarchy of these user institutions in operating HUNGARNET. This double hierarchy provides a perfect environment for combining government contribution to building and operating the NREN facilities with user involvement in controlling the NREN services.

By operating the infrastructure and providing the services the strategic goals of NIIFI are completely met. These goals are the following:

  • sustainable operation of a leading-edge e-Infrastructure,
  • provisioning an integrated set of services for research and education,
  • strengthening and widening our European e-Infrastructure co-operations and
  • being prepared to fully exploit the opportunities provided by the European Research Area.