Domain registration

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Dns service includes:
  • DNS resolver
  • DNS  primary and secondary nameserver
  • .hu and .eu domain registration
If the institute need an own domain for its services, it's possible choose .hu, .eu or other commercial tld. There are free domains too for our institutes as, or for the members of SULINET network the
We can register .hu and .eu tld. You can choose other service provider if you need other tld. If you choose a new .hu tld check whether the domain isn't reserved yet. Please check the owner if you change registrar.
We can help our members to operate primary and secondary dns server if they need it. If the institute operates the primary and secondary dns server, it's neccessary to check the technical details (see!
You can fill out the registration form if you need a new domain or the domain will be transfered to the new registrar.
Please don't hesitate to contact or  in case you need help.