Videotorium is a multimedia sharing portal for the players of science, public and higher education. It offers space and professional interface for video and audio content of institutions from the public and higher education, research, public collections. The service started in 2010 which is a succession of the so called “Video on Demand” (VoD) video archive of NIIF, providing a condign place for the repository with constantly increasing size, and the possibility of uploading and sharing of multimedia content for the community.
Videotorium is free to use for any member institution of NIIF, but supports any non-profit initiative that is associated with sharing of knowledge. The repository of the site holds several kinds of recordings: scientific conferences, seminars, lectures, trainings, workshops, professional events, scientific experiments, interviews, etc.
Though the main goal of the portal is to provide help for the community of education (teachers, students), research and public collections, - due to the numerous public recordings - anyone can use it for learning or having fun.
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