IT incident handling

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The NIIF Computer Security Incident Response Team (NIIF CSIRT)

The NIIF CSIRT is the IT security and incident response team, belonging to the NIIF Institute, the IT provider of the Hungarian mid- and higher education and reasearch sector.
The team aims to support and coordinate the IT- and network incident handling in all of the cases where at least one of the NIIF Member institutes is involved.
The NIIF CSIRT team also provides important news and know-how connecting to IT security, incident prevention and protection regularly and occassionally.
We established acitve cooperation with more national and international co-organization, like the ISZT CERT, or the  a Goverment Incident Response Team.


If you want to contact us (the NIIF Computer Security Incident Rresponse Team), please use the information located on the contacts page.
If you want to report an incident, please use this form!